I see the clouds movin in the sky,

Feel the wind blowing through the woods,

And I start to realize,

That I won't be here for ever .

Time doesn't stop in this world.

No, the clocks keep ticking.

My time here is abut to expire,

My world is going under,

Like the sun in the end of the day.

But I can't be sure that there will be

A sunrise for me in this world.

I'll lose everything, which I got in the last months.

And what I'll leave behind

Will be the smoking ruins in my memories.

It all seems like a game.

But there is no way to restart again.

If it ends once, it's for ever.

My time here is like smoke in the wind,

I see it and feel that it's here,

But I can't stop or even catch it.

There's no way to slow it down.

Just see as it's going away.

It's like someone is pushing me,

Right to the edge of a deep canyon.

When my time here's ending,

I'll fall down the walls,

And get smashed at the bottom,

Which is my old world.

22.2.07 22:40

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