Anxiety and Hope

Anxiety crawls into the body.

It fells like melted lead, floating through the veins.

Everything's going in slow motion.

The time does not seem to pass by;

Seconds feel like hours, hours like years.

These few days are left to wait,

They feel like eternity.

Why do highly expected moments not come

as fast as they are going, again?

It's the worst torture conceivable...

Are the expectations going to become trie?

Or will it just be another punch into the face?

The incertainty is the melted lead in the veins,

Which create a mental and physical numbnes.

Even in summer it feels cold inside,

And the goose bumps under the sweaty, sunburned skin

Fulfill this complete state of confusion.

There's just one thing to help,

And that's the near future.

It can be remedy for the torn psyche,

Or the final hit that causes the heart to break.

What ever it'll be, it somehow will be a relief.

Because then the time of uncertainty will be over.

But until then it's the the flame of hope,

Which keeps warm, the chilly and torn body.

21.2.07 22:20

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